Fetal Development Timeline

Timeline created by jasonz84
  • Week 7

    Week 7
    The heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and intestines are now forming in the baby. The baby has also started developing arms and legs which look like paddles because it has webbing between them.
  • Week 10

    Week 10
    The webbing between the toes and fingers are now gone. The eyes, mouth, and ears and now developed. The babies brain connections are now connecting.
  • Week 12

    Week 12
    The baby looks like a fully formed person. Inside, more organs are developing. Baby's kidneys are getting ready to produce urine. Your little one also has teeth, as well as fingers and toes which are completed with nails.
  • Week 15

    Week 15
    At this point the baby's skin is so thin you can see right through it and see organs. The baby is moving around and making facial expressions.
  • Week 19

    Week 19
    There is a layer of fat that is developing under the baby's skin and there is hair growing in.
  • Week 22

    Week 22
    The baby is almost one pound at this age and 8 inches long. The baby is developing hormones and nerves. The sex organs are also now developing.
  • Week 28

    Week 28
    He or she can do all sorts of things — blink, cough, hiccup, and possibly even dream. The baby is also moving into position for childbirth.
  • Week 32

    Week 32
    The baby is pretty much developed it has the internal organs all developed. The babies brain is almost developed and there is hair on the head, eyelashes, and eyebrows.
  • Week 35

    Week 35
    The baby is pretty much developed and he/she is 5 1/2 pounds he/she is also getting ready for childbirth by moving into position into the pelvis.
  • Week 39

    Week 39
    The baby is 7 pounds and it is ready to come out any day.