Female Roles in Film

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  • the female gaze in literature and film

  • style and substance: a critical look at the TV and film roles for women that define the year in entertainment

  • Constructing gender stereotypes through social roles in prime-time television

    This journal article is uselful for my paper because it uniquely documents the specific contrast between male and female characters who come from the same broadcasts which I will use to illustrate how the strength of a female role can be ruined simply by poor writing. Lauzen, Martha M., David M. Dozier, and Nora Horan. "Constructing Gender Stereotypes Through Social Roles in Prime-Time Television." Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (2008): 200-14. Print.
  • independent stardom

  • shaken and stirred

  • Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses

    I chose this source because I think it gives an accurate representation of how sexism effects all genres of film, the most important being films aimed towards impressionable children. England, Dawn, Lara Descartes, and Melissa Collier-Meek. "Gender Role Portrayal and the Disney Princesses." Sex Roles 64.7/8 (2011): 555-67. 1 Apr. 2011. Web. 15 Sept. 2014.
  • Trends of Sexual and Violent Content by Gender in Top-Grossing U.S. Films, 1950–2006

    I chose this source specifically because unlike my other sources, it provides insight on the effects of sexism in films on their audiences. Bleakley, Amy, Patrick E. Jamieson, and Daniel Romer. "Trends of Sexual and Violent Content by Gender in Top-Grossing U.S. Films, 1950–2006." Journal of Adolescent Health (2012): 73-79. 1 July 2012. Web. 15 Sept. 2014.
  • Topsy-Turvey

    I found this source to be useful because it acknowledges the recent flux of strong female characters in films that have been successful, This is important for my argument because it shows that strong female characters can be successful in the box office. Scott, A.O. "Topsy-Turvey." New York Times Magazine 9 Dec. 2012: 42. Print.
  • Few Roles for Female Role Models

    This article primarily provides insight on how gender roles shape female characters in such a way that very few female "Role Models" are portrayed in film. Tady, Megan. "Few Roles for Female Role Models." Extra! 26.2 (2013): 4. 1 Feb. 2013. Web.
  • How Sexist Are This Summer's Blockbusters? An Informal Ranking

    This will probably be the source from which i ather the most information, simply because it is the most recent and seems to have a good amount of statistics to strengthen my point. Dockterman, Eliana. "How Sexist Are This Summer's Blockbusters? An Informal Ranking." Time Magazine 24 Apr. 2014. Print.