federico's timeline

Timeline created by msmcgee
  • I went to kung fu

    When me and my brother join kung fu. we were really nervous we got rid of it then we started to get happier and got happier until we turned into a blue belt.
  • I went to a Cruise

    I wen to a cruise with my family and it took us places.Really cool it took us to san marteen san thomas and bahamas
  • we went to bahamas

    We went to bahamas with my hole family and it was really hot. then we went to a store that had toys and we buyed one and there was ice cream. and then we went back to the cruise
  • I went on a yet

    Me and my family went on a yet. My grandma rented one for my grandpa's birthday. And I got to fish and theres food and drinks.andthe drinks and foods.
  • I went to san thomas

    I wen to st. thomas and we saw a lot of iguanas we went to a water taxi. We ate hamburgers finally we went to the beach.