Federation Timeline

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In History
  • Henry Parkes Promotes Federation

    Henry Parkes promotes the idea of federation in his newspaper.
  • Federal Australasian Council Established

    The Federal Australasian Council is established.
  • Federal Council Established

    The Federal Council is Established in an attempt to have joint action on matters affecting all the colonies in common but New South Wales refuses to join.
  • Henry Parkes’ Speech

    New South Wales premier Henry Parkes makes a speech calling for federation in Tenterfield, New South Wales.
  • Australasia Federation Conference

    The Australasia Federation Conference adopts a resolution in favour of the union of colonies.
  • National Australasian Convention

    In the National Australasian Convention in Sydney attendants agree to draft a constitution and adopts the name of Commonwealth Of Australia
    The Constitution is also drafted by Andrew Inglis Clark for Tasmania
    A draft constitution is amended aboard the Queensland government boat Lucinda by Charles Cameron Kingston of South Australia, Samuel Griffith of Queensland, Edmund Barton of New South Wales and finally Andrew Inglis Clark of Tasmania.
  • Edmund Barton Tours The Riverina Area

    Edmund Barton tours the Riverina area setting up Federation Leagues along the way.
  • Formation Of The Australasian Federation League

    The Australasian Federation League is founded in New South Wales.
    The People’s Convention in Corowa, New South Wales accepts the idea that people are to vote for delegates in the next convention to consider the constitution.
  • Premiers Meet In Hobart

    Premiers of most colonies meet in Hobart and agree to the Corowa Conference approach to achieving federation.
  • Second People’s Conference

    The Second People’s Conference is held in Bathrust, New South Wales and debated the 1891 draft and suggested key changes to the senate.
  • Second Session Of Natural Australasian Convention

    The second session of the Natural Australasian Convention is held in Sydney and revises the draft constitution.
  • Referendum Vote

    There is a referendum in most colonies and there is a YES in Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria but not the required majority in New South Wales.
  • Secret Premiers Conference

    The Secret Premiers Conference is held to amend the constitution to satisfy New South Wales and Queensland.
    Another referendum vote is held and all colonies vote for federation except Western Australia.
  • Nearly There!...

    The British Parliament passes the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act
    On the 31 July there is a vote in Western Australia which ends in a YES for federation.
    Queen Victoria proclaims the date of the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia 1st of January 1901