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In History
  • First talk of Fedaration

    THe NSW governer, Henry Parkes first wanted Fedaration and pushed the other governers to talk about it.
  • Draft of the constitution

    Work beings on a draft of the Australia constitution.
  • Financial depression

    A financial depression means the governers lost interest in fedaration.
    Ends in 1894
  • Special governers meeting

    At a special governers meeting the governer lose interest in federation.
  • General vote about Fedaration

    A general vote was held by NSW, VIC,SA, TAS to approve the constitution. It was accepted by all the colonys but NSW.
  • Another governor meeting

    The governers held another meeting and made serveralchanges to the constitution.
  • Another genaral vote

    Another vote was held in QLD,NSW,VIC,SA and TAS, all colonys said yes.
  • A delegation travels to London

    A delegation goes London to show the constitution to the British parliament. Parliament passes it and Queen Victoria signs it.

    Australia becomes a nation, allowing the six states to govern as part of Australia