Family Timeline

Timeline created by pegjmoore
  • Violet Crooke was born

    Father's mother
  • James Newell born

  • James Simms born

    Mother's father
  • Winnetta Birch born

    Mother's mother
  • Sandra Newell born

  • Chris Newell born

  • Parents Marriage

  • Peggy Moore Birthday

  • Father Graduated College

  • Wendy Birthday

  • Maria Birthday

  • Amanda Birthday

  • Chris Birthday

  • Moved from Pensacola to Crestview

  • Matthews Birthday

  • Graduated High School, moved to New York

  • Guy graduated from the USMA

  • My marriage

  • Moved to Ft Benning, Georgia

    for IOBC and Ranger
  • Brian's birthday

  • Moved to Germany

  • Kristina's birthday

  • Moved to Texas

    Ft Hood
  • Violet Newell passed away

  • Moved to Mesa Arizona

  • Started community college

  • Connor's Birthday

  • Moved to Rochester Minnesota

  • I graduated Nursing School

  • Moved to Detroit

  • James Simms passed away

  • Moved to North Carolina

  • Moved to Pennsyvania

  • Moved to Centerville Ohio

  • Brian Graduated HS

  • Father passed away

  • Brian left for mission in Donestk, Ukraine

  • Moved to Germany

    ICU at Landsthul
  • Brian home from Mission

    Went to the University of Cincinnati in the Fall
  • Winnetta Birch passed away

  • Connor graduated HS

  • Nina and Quinton get married

  • Connor left on mission to Bogota Colombia

  • Ace was born

  • Moved to Okinawa Japan

  • Graduated with BSN

  • Became a School Nurse for DODEA

  • Violet was born

  • Connor and Sadie got married