Facing History and Ourselves: Chapter 6

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  • "Saturday Surprises"

    "Saturday Surprises"
    Hitler starts a series of events that act as a "rebuilding" of Germany by first forming a German airforce as well as rearming their army. He claimed this was for measures of defense and that Germany wanted nothing but peace. People did not challenge Hitler for they didn't wish to have yet another war as bad as WW1.
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    Chapter 6 Events

  • Appeasing Hitler

    Appeasing Hitler
    The German people are agitated for a reforming of the Reich. Chamberlain appeases Hitler to avoid war by providing concessions. The Jewish people are furthered discriminated by laws for names and professions.
  • Taking Austria

    Taking Austria
    Hitler meets with Austrian Prime Minister Kurt von Schuschnigg for an eleven hour session of threats and insults. Upon Kurt's rejection of joining Germany, Hitler gives him three days to change his mind...
  • Death Threats and Broken Promises

    Death Threats and Broken Promises
    Hitler claims nations criticizing him for his mistreatment of the Jewish people are hypocritical. President Roosevelt asks Hitler not to attack 30 specific countries.
  • Targeting Poland

    Targeting Poland
    Hitler stages an attack against the concentration camp of Gleiwitz and blames the Polish as an excuse to invade and declare war.
  • Conquests in the West

    Conquests in the West
    The nazis turn their attention to the western countries by first conquering Denmark and Norway, then finishing with France by June 22. Only Britain was left untouched by Nazi Germany
  • Conquests in the East

    Conquests in the East
    Polish children are made not allowed to pass the 4th grade...
  • The Invasion Of Russia

    The Invasion Of Russia
    Hitler begins the German Army's efforts of taking out the "Jewish-Bolshevik Menace"...
  • The United States Enter the War

    The United States Enter the War
    After an attack on American soil, Pearl Harbor, The United States declare war on Japan, and the Japanese ask for Hitler's support in their fight which leads to Germany's declaration of war on America. Now three super powers, USA, Britain, and the Soviet Union, are against Germany and their allies in the next World War...