Evolution of the Offshore Wind Farm

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    Early Wind Power

    Early Wind Power
    One of the first examples of wind power was said to be created by Heron of Alexandria. This was the Wind-Powered organ. It worked by a small wind wheel, which powered a piston that forced air through the organ pipes, creating sounds similar to those of a flute. Citations:
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    Timespan of an Offshore Wind Farm

  • Jan 1, 850

    Panemone Wind Mills

    Panemone Wind Mills
    These were the first practical wind mills, created by the Persian Geographer, Estakhri, in the 9th Century. This windmill was basically a wall with slits, surrounding a vertical axle containing 4-8 fabric sails. The wind would blow, turning the sails on the axle, and working the grain and flour grinder, water device, or whatever machine it was connected to. Citations:
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  • The Post Mill

    The Post Mill
    This is the earliest type of European windmill built in the 12th Century. The whole body of the machine is mounted on a vertical post, and when wind is blown, it turns the sails to create power. The earliest Post Mill created in 1655 is located at Outwood in Surrey, and is still standing today. Citations:
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  • Wind to Electricity

    Wind to Electricity
    James Blyth created the first windmill used to make electricity on July of 1887 in Glasgow, Scotland. This “cloth-sailed” windmill powered his vacation cottage, and was the first building to be run on wind power. This would set the start for wind power and electricity for years to come. Citations:
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  • What is an Offshore Wind Farm?

    What is an Offshore Wind Farm?
    It is a farm of windmills in bodies of water that create electricity from wind power. More electricity is gained from offshore farms than onshore, but it is more expensive. The first offshore wind farm was created in Denmark of 1991. Today’s largest offshore Wind Farm is Walney, which resides in the United Kingdom. Citations:
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  • Modern Day Offshore Wind Farms

    Modern Day Offshore Wind Farms
    After mastering typical wind farms, technological advances allowed for wind farms to be located in the water. The Offshore wind farms generate more power and electricity than those farms onshore. Modern day offshore wind farms are installed in the water using concrete platforms that extend to the bottom of the sea. Farther out in the ocean, floating platforms are used. Many offshore wind farms today are still being constructed all over the world.