Evolution of the internet

Timeline created by JessThomas

    Computers at Stanford research facility and UCLA connected for the first time. They are the first hosts that will become the internet,
  • ARPANET Network

    An ARPANET networ was estabilished bewtween Harvard, MIT, and BBN.
  • Email

    Ray Tomlinson invents the meail, and uses the @ symbol to seperate the user name and domain name.
  • Project Gutenberg and eBooks

    Project Gutenberg and eBooks
    Project Gutenburg is a global effort to make books available electronically for free.

    rance started it's own network called CYCLADES, it was eventually shut down.
  • The first trans-atlantic connection.

    ARPANET made it's first trans-atlantic connection in 1973, connecting with the University of London
  • The PC modem

    The firsat PC modem was invented in 1977 by Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington
  • The first emoticon.

    The first emoticon.
    The first emoticon :-) was invented by Scott Fahlman in 1982.
  • The first webcam

    The first webcam
    The first webcam was invented
  • The First Webpage

    The First Webpage
    The purposae was to explain what the world wibe web is.
  • Google!

    Google was made public
  • Wikipedia was launched

    Wikipedia was launched
  • Facebook

    Facebook was opened to college students in the US
  • Youtube was launched

  • Twitter was invented

    Twitter was invented
    Twitter was invented, the first tweet was just setting up my twttr
  • "Internet Election"

    "Internet Election"
    Almost every election candidate used facebook or twiiter in thye US pesidential election of 2008.
  • The First iPhone

    The First iPhone
    The first iPhone was invented by Steve Jobs