Evolution of the Atom

Timeline created by LilyMaeH
  • Dalton comes up with idea of small particles

    Dalton comes up with the idea of small particles. He decided that all matter is made of atoms, and he came up with the idea of two or more kinds of atoms equalling a compound. He also said a chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms. His discovery wsa the bases of all the discoveries to come.
  • Thompson suggestes a model of the atom as a sphere of positive matter in which electrons are positioned by electrostatic forces.

    He comes up with the idea of electrons and their negative charge.
  • Rutherford discovers the nucleus

    He published a model with a central positive nucleus surrounded by negative orbiting electrons.
  • Bohr proves Rutherford wrong.

    He realize the Ernest Rutherford's model was untrue according to the laws of classical physics. He said that radiation is emitted from atoms not from the periodic motion of the electron in it's orbit.