Evolution of Tesla Cars

Timeline created by SBhimavarapu
  • Tesla Roadster

    Tesla Roadster
    Next to this box is a picture of the first tesla model ever. It is called “Tesla Roadster”. The price is at $98,950. It is a 2 seater and it could go really fast.
  • Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S
    This time the box next to me has a different Tesla model. It is a “Tesla Model S” This is a 5 seater and won’t go too fast like a Tesla roadster, but it is a great family car. The price of the car is at $57,400.
  • Tesla Model X

    Tesla Model X
    Third car, a Tesla Model-X. Model-X is a minivan. Now, that's a car I would go on a road trip. The price starts at $75,000.
  • Tesla model 3

    Tesla model 3
    Well 2 years later, this car was born to the Tesla family. It was named “Tesla model 3”. The price is $35,000. This a five-seater and this better than a tesla model s and roadster in price-wise. Most people have this car, wherever I see, only model 3.
  • Tesla Model Y

    Tesla Model Y
    Tesla Model Y looks like Model X, but they two are different from each other. The Tesla Model was a minivan but model Y is a SUV. If you want a tesla but not a sedan, well here is an SUV. The price starts at $39,00.
  • Tesla’s cybertruck

    Tesla’s cybertruck
    Tesla’s cyber-truck does not look like it but it is. It got a big trunk to hold things. Also since Tesla runs on electricity, there is no engine so we can put things in the front as well. It will cost $39,000.
  • Tesla’s semi truck

    Tesla’s semi truck
    Tesla’s semi-truck. It is only a truck for one person to sit and run on electricity of course. There are two screens and have a 240-degree angle. It will be starting at a price of $150,000.