Evolution of Technology

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  • First Photograph

    First Photograph
    The first photograph was taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1827. The photograph was taken with a Camera Obscura, which was the first camera that was made in 1000 AD by Alhazen.
  • Telegraph

    Even though ideas of Telegraphs were present before the 1800s, a system was first introduced into the world in 1837 by Samuel F.B. Morse. It was basically a system to send messages through wire to long distances.
  • Typewriter

    The first ever typewriter was invented by C. Lathom Sholes. It was an earlier version of a computer but without all the amazing features like Internet, Microsoft tools, and etc. It was a manual machine that was used to type up information on paper.
  • Telephone

    In the 1870s, the telegraph was changed to the telephone by two inventors, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray, Both claimed that they were the first to invent it, but the Judge stated that Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor. It is a system that produces sound from electrical signals through an object called a phone or receiver.
  • Motor Car

    Motor Car
    Karl Benz introduced the motor car to this world in 1886. It had three wheels. It was the first modern automobile that was introduced to the world.
  • Television

    The first mechanical television built by A.A. Campbell-Swinton and Boris Rosing, was built with a Cathode ray Tube.
    After this came, many other varites of televisions like Color TV, LCD TV, Web TV, Plasma TV, Cable TV and etc.
  • Computer

    The first computer or actually programmable co puter was introduced in 1936 by Konrade Zuse. It was named the Z1 computer. There were many other later inventions that added on to this computer like Apple Macintosh and etc.
  • Complex Number Calculator (CNC)

    Complex Number Calculator (CNC)
    This was designed by George Stibitz in 1939. He demonstrated it to the world at an American Mathematical Society Conference at Dartmouth College in 1940.
  • Videocamera

    Charles P. Ginsburg made the first videotape recorder (VTP). It recorded live images in 1951 for the first time ever. Now there are new and new types of recording tools or recording cameras.
  • First call from Cellphone

    First call from Cellphone
    First call from a cellular phone made 40 years ago. It was made by the head of Motorola, Martin Cooper. The call was made in New york.
  • Laptop

    It is hard to determine the first laptop, but the earliest computer that is light weight is going to be considered the first laptop. So, the first laptop weighed 1/5 th of the computer model and was designed by William Moggridge of Grid Systems Corporation. A laptop is a portable computer.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    We get many of our tools like word, powerpoint and etc. from the Microsoft Windows. Microsoft introduced these products into a computer. They had great rivalry against Apple.
  • MacBook

    A laptop introduced by Apple Inc. It has many cool features such as Safari instead of Internet Explorer and etc. There are also different types like the MacBook Pro and the Polycarbonate MacBook, which was introduced first.
  • iPhone

    It is a touch screen cellular phone that was introduce by Apple in 2007. This was only the 1st generation, but there were so many generations that were introduced till this day. The latest is the iPhone 5S. Introduced imessagiong and etc.
  • iPad

    iPads came out in 2010 and were bigger versions of the iPhone but could not talk, it could imessage. Also, introduced by Apple Inc. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations are out too as of today. It also has many special features.
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