Events Of My Life

Timeline created by JuanOlivos
  • Birth

    i had Born when my dad had barely arrived
  • Raffle

    i had won a raffle that my mom had bought because I chose it
  • Trip

    i had flown to cartagena to know the sea with my family
  • Soccer

    i had played many tournaments in the bogota league and in my school I was the best
  • My Pet

    My Pet
    i had Bred my pet and take it on a trip to various places
  • Trip 2

    Trip 2
    i had traveled to know the snowy of cocuy in colombia
  • The First Communion

    The First Communion
    i had Done the first communion
  • Paintball

    i had played paintball on a friend's birthday
  • Drive

    i had Learned to drive a car and motorcycle
  • The Confirmation

    The Confirmation
    i had Done the confirmation and then we made a party