European Union

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  • 2.The start of the Europian union

    After the second world war some of the European states decided to create an union to strengthen their cooperation
  • 3.Speech by Robert Schuman

    Robert Schuman made a speech explaining the ideas of the union
  • 4.ECSC was founded

    Six European countries founded the European Coal and Steel Comunity.
  • 5.The treaties of Rome were signed

  • 6.EEC was founded

    This coperation was founded as an extension of the ECSC due to it's sucess.
  • 7.The EEC was enlarged

    the EEC was enlarged from six members to nine.
  • 8.ERDF was founded

  • 9.EEC was enlarged (again).

    The EEC was enlarged to ten members
  • 10. EEC was enlarged (again) and Single European Act was singed

    the EEC was enlarged to twelve members and Single European Act was singed.
  • 11. Maastrich Teatry came into force.

    The EEC became the European Union
  • 12.EU was enlarged

    EU was enlarged to fifteen members
  • 13.the European bank was fouded

  • 14.Adoption of the treaty of Nice

    The treaty of Nice was adopted an came into force in 2003
  • 15.The euro came into circulation

    The euro began to be used en some markets all of the territories where the euro circulated were called eurozone
  • 16.EU was enlarged(again)

    The EU was enlarged to twenty-five members
  • 17.EU was enlaged(again).

    The EU was enlarged to twenty-seven members
  • 18. Treaty of Lisbon came into force

  • 19. The EU was enlarged ( again).

    The EU was enlarged to twenty-eight members
  • 20. The EU lost a member

    The U.K. left the EU
  • Period: to

    1.The origins of the European union