Escue's Supranationalism Timeline

Timeline created by madisynescue
In History
  • Triple Alliance (pre-WW1)

    Triple Alliance (pre-WW1)
    Countries: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
    Type: Political/military
    Purpose: isolate FRance and take away allies
  • Triple Entente (pre-WW1)

    Triple Entente (pre-WW1)
    Countries: Great Britain, France, Russia
    Type: Political/Military
    Purpose: agreeing not to attack one another & to keep Germany from taking over Europe
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    Countries: Soviet Union, E. Germany, Czechoslovania, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgana, Albania
    Type: Political/ Military
    Purpose: Soviet Union saw NATO as a threat and formed its own ali.
  • PLO

    West Bank, Gaza Strip. Golan Heights
    to puch for a palestinian state

    Countries: United States, Canada, Mexico
    Type: Economic
    Purpose: no tariffs & trade restrictions with eachother