Ernest Nagel

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  • On The Logic of Measurement (1930)

  • An Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method (with M. R. Cohen, 1934)

    Written for independent study and suitable for an introductory course in logic, this classic text combines a sound presentation of logic with effective pedagogy and illustrates the role of logic in many areas of humanistic and scientific thought. Cohen and Nagel's elegant integration of the history of philosophy, natural science, and mathematics helps earn this work its distinguished reputation
  • The Formation of Modern Conceptions of Formal Logic in the Development of Geometry (1939)

    The Formation of Modern Conceptions of Formal Logic in the Development of Geometry (1939)
    The history of logic as a subject has been characterised by many disputes over what the topic deals with, and the main article 'Logic' has as a result been hesitant to commit to a particular definition of logic. This article surveys various definitions of the subject that have appeared over the centuries through to modern times, and puts them in context as reflecting rival conceptions of the subject.
  • Principles of the Theory of Probability (1939)

  • Sovereign Reason (1954)

    In his book Sovereign Reason (Glencoe, Ill.: Free Press, 1954 [in which the essay posted hereinunder was later reprinted]), Professor Ernest Nagel wrote an impor-tant criticism of my theory of internal relations. Since it is the policy of the Library of Living Philosophers not to publish what has already appeared in print, and Mr. Nagel, to my regret, was unable to contribute a further essay to this volume, I have made no attempt here to reply to his criticism.
  • Logic without Metaphysics

  • Gödel’s Proof

  • Observation and Theory in Science (with others, 1971)

  • Teleology Revisited and Other Essays in the and History of Science (1979)

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