A Fragmented Life

Timeline created by LLLeRoy
  • Where do I fit in?

    Where do I fit in?
    Dan is an 18-year-old high school senior; he has started dressing in military clothing and talking about joining the army. His friend make fun of him and his parents insist that he change the way he dresses. Dan’s parents also pressure him into enrolling in college.
    In Erikson’s fifth stage of identity versus identity confusion, the crisis is between exploring different possibilities (identity) and trying to conform to the expectations of others (identity confusion).
  • Divorce

    Dan is now 30; he has been married to Sue for five years and they have two children. Dan has become increasingly distant and spends a great deal of time alone. As a result, Sue feel like Dan is not honest or sharing his life with her. After they get divorced, Sue and the children move away.
    In Erikson’s sixth stage of intimacy versus isolation, the crisis is between the inability to commit and share deeply personal feelings (intimacy) and being separated from one's family (isolation).
  • At the end.

    At the end.
    Dan is now 75. As lies in his hospital bed and looks around the room, he wishes that he wasn’t alone. Dan reflects on his life and regrets alienating himself from his wife and children. As he ponders his imminent demise, he is overwhelmed with despair.
    In Erikson’s eighth stage of ego integrity versus despair, the crisis is between being satisfied with the choices and pursuits of one’s life (ego integrity) and being trouble by the wish that one’s choices had been different (despair).