Erika V. Griggs (Jenkins)

Timeline created by grigger
  • Birth

  • Mother's 1st husband began molesting me.

    I was molested by my mother's 1st husband.
  • Maternal uncle began molesting me.

  • My mother's father in law began molesting me.

  • Mother did not believe me; moved in with grandmother.

  • Moved to Springfield, IL

  • Graduated High School

  • Had baby girl (Cherry Blue) Love of my life

  • Married 1st husband (Physically Abused)

  • Moved back to Chicago, IL

  • Had 2nd baby girl (Dezarae) 2nd love of my life.

  • Married husband #2 (mentall,y verbally, emotionally abused)

  • Had baby boy Cordairo (leap year); 3rd love of my life

  • Graduated; A.A. Degree

  • Married husband #3; (My man, my friend, my protector, my King)