Energy events

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  • First Steam Engine

    First Steam Engine
    The first steam engine was developed in England to pump water out of coal mines.
  • First Commercial Coal

    First Commercial Coal
    The first commercial coal production was in Richmond, Virginia. Coal was used to produce shot, shell, and other war materials during the Revolutionary War.
  • First Demonstration of Solar Power

    First Demonstration of Solar Power
    In 1876, William Grylls Adams discovered that selenium generated an electric current when exposed to light. This proved that a solid object could change light into electricity without heat or moving parts.
  • First Windmill

    First Windmill
    The first windmill to generate electricity was in Cleveland, Ohio by Charles F. Bush. He first used it to power electricity in his own home.
  • First Commercial Wind Turbines

    First Commercial Wind Turbines
    Marcellus and Joe Jacobs developed the first commercial wind turbines for electricity generation. The brothers built the wind turbines based on earlier water pump mills.
  • Hoover Dam is Built

    Hoover Dam is Built
    The world's largest hydroelectric power plant is built in Arizona.
  • First Nuclear Power Reactor

    First Nuclear Power Reactor
    The first nuclear power reactor generates electricity was built in Idaho.
  • World's First Solar Powered Village

    World's First Solar Powered Village
    The world's very first solar powered village is in Tohono O'odham Reservation, Arizona, an Indian reservation. The system provided water pumps and electricity for 15 homes.
  • First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

    First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
    In February 2008 the first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plant goes into production.
  • EPA Announces First Clean Air Act

    EPA Announces First Clean Air Act
    The US Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first Clean Air Act standard for carbon pollution from new power plants. The rule applies to all new power plants that burn fossil fuel to create electricity including coal and natural gas fired power plants.