Emmeline Pankurst

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  • Richard Punkhurst's death

    He was born in May 1834. He took a strong notice in legal improvement. He was mainly involved in changing those laws that were against women. Richard was a legal adviser to Lydia Becker and the Manchester National Society for Women's Suffrage. The following year he was in charge for drafting the first bill for the women, to Parliament. Richard also wrote the Married Women's Property Act of 1870.
    All of a sudden Richard started getting terrible stomach pains, it turns out he got stomach ulcers.
  • Birth

    Emmeline Goulden was born in Manchester, England, on either July 14 or 15, 1858.Goulden, the eldest daughter of 10 children, grew up in a politically active family. Her parents, Sophia Goulden and Robert Goulden,were both abolitionists and supporters of female suffrage.
  • Marriage

    After studying in Paris, Goulden returned to Manchester, where she met Dr. Richard Pankhurst in 1878. Richard was a lawyer who supported a number of radical causes, including women’s suffrage. Though he was 24 years older than Goulden, the two married in December 1879, and Goulden became Emmeline Pankhurst.
  • Women's Franchise Leauge

    The Women's Franchise League was an organisation founded by Emmeline Pankhurst together with her husband Richard Pankhurst in 1889, fourteen years before the creation of the Women's Social and Political Union in 1903, also created by Emmeline and Richard Pankhurst. The organisation's main achievement was to secure the vote for women in local elections.
  • WSPU

    National Women's Social And Political Union started
    Emmeline found the National Women’s Social and Political Union in Manchester, on the 16th of March 1903. The saying 'Votes For Women', was also formed in 1903, with ladies every where from he National Women's Social And Political Union, with a sign around the neck, and a partition slip in their hand all over England.
  • Progress of WSPU

    Over the next few years, Pankhurst would encourage WSPU members to rein in their demonstrations when it seemed possible that a bill on women’s suffrage might move forward. But when the group was disappointed—as in 1910 and 1911, when Conciliation Bills that included women’s suffrage failed to advance—protests would escalate. By 1913, militant actions by WSPU members included window-breaking, vandalizing public art and arson.
  • Christabel Took Leadership of the WSPU

    When Emmeline's daughter, Christabel, took leadership of the WSPU, their tactics became increasingly militant. Many members left saying that violence was counter productive. Adela and Sylvia Pankhurst two of her other daughters left creating a rift in the family which was never healed.
  • Death

    As her health went downhill, Emmeline Pankhurst moved into a nursing home in Hampstead.On Thursday 14 June 1928 Pankhurst died, at the age of 69. She was interred in Brompton Cemetery in London.[122]