Emerson Ed Tech Implementation Timeline: PBL and Google

Timeline created by sthomsen316
  • Professional Development Planning using Google Drive, Classroom

    Professional Development Planning using Google Drive, Classroom
    Construct folders, groups, and preliminary agendas on Google Docs to share with staff for year-long Professional Development sessions. First staff meeting we will review how to access to ensure everyone has the correct permissions.
  • Highlight Summer PD efforts by staff

    Highlight Summer PD efforts by staff
    At staff meeting, arrange for teachers who attended Google Certification Training and PBL Training to share out and provide examples of work so that others can be inspired.
  • SchoolLoop Training

    SchoolLoop Training
    Bring in trainer for SchoolLoop and Google Classroom to provide support for beginner and intermediate SchoolLoop users.
  • Parent Drop-In Tech Support

    Parent Drop-In Tech Support
    Host Parent Drop-In support for parents and guardians to sign up for and navigate SchoolLoop, Google Classroom, and access Emerson's Google calendar.
  • October PBL Team Check-In

    At Staff PD session, have PBL Team share their practices and tools with all staff. Structure so that people can chat one on one with team members.
  • December PBL Team Walk-Throughs

    December PBL Team Walk-Throughs
    Organize classroom visits to teachers who are part of the PBL team.
  • Staff Survey

    Run staff survey to determine which technologies are being used and what support is needed.
  • Identify additional PBL Team members

    Allow opportunity for more staff members to join PBL team and commit to one project in the 2nd semester
  • Period: to

    Host NewTech PBL Team @ Emerson

    Provide logistical support for the Emerson PBL team. This is a small team that will design and implement a least two PBL projects during the 2018-2019 school year.