embryo development

Timeline created by Dovahkiin66
  • fertalization

    the sperm mets the egg
  • cleavage

    the cell splits then those two split intill there is ablastula
  • blastocyst

    the cells multiply till they are a large ball of cells
  • implantation

    the cells remove their shell and embedthem selves in the womb
  • growth phase 1

    the tail, head, and other major parts are formed
  • Growth phase 2

    the limbs start to develop. Also the tail shrinks and the orgens develop.
  • the form

    the final major changes are made.
  • details

    orgens are tested, details are finalized, and the scafolding is starting to be removed.
  • done

    every thing is cheecked and the ebrio is starting to take things in its own hands.