Egypt's History

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  • Jun 15, 639

    Amr ibn-al takes power

    Amr ibn-al takes power
    Egypt played an integral role in the Muslim world after the Arab conquest by 'Amr ibn-al-'As in 639–42.
  • Jun 15, 749

    Egypt's rulers bring more settelers

    Egypt's conquerors brought in settlers from Arabia and established firm control under the Abbasid caliphate.
  • Jun 5, 989

    Cairo is founded

    The Fatmids founded Cairo.
  • Napoleon conquered Egypt

    Napoleon conquered Egypt in 1798.
  • French is driven out

    British and Ottoman troops drove the French out of Egypt.
  • Suez Canal finished

    The Suez Canal was completed.
  • Transfer to Republic

    Egypt became a republic.
  • Entering agreements with US, UK, and the UN

    Egypt entered into preliminary agreements with the United States, the UK, and the UN to finance in part a new high dam at Aswan
  • Attacked by Israel

    Israel attacked Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Egypt lost the Sinai Peninsula to Israel.
  • Period:
    Nov 2, 1517

    Conquest of Egypt

    Captured by the Ottoman Turks. Egypt remained a Turkish satrapy for four centuries.