Ecuador-México (AIESEC buddies)

Timeline created by Verónica Cisneros
  • Networking

    Establish contact with AIESEC Ecuador to start a collaboration with our committee
  • Projects

    Set opportunities for volunteers in both committes and target profiles that align with those projects. Along with it set goals for number of approvals both committees want
  • Promotion

    Pair up with oGV to promote the oppoortunities in Ecuador to achive a healthy and flowing relation with the Ecuador committee
  • APD'S

    Moving forward as a team to achieve our goals both for the completes we want in the term and the number of APD's we set by pairing up with Ecuador
  • Moving forward

    Moving forward
    Keep working and delievering ideas to promote and share our goals as a team so that we can set new challenges and that we keep iGV in constant achievement