Early Education facts

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  • American Colonial period

    parent taught basic reading and math
    practical learning for life and work
  • Period: to

    American Colonial period

    Before an educational system existed, education took places a home
  • Period: to

    American Colonial period

    Some elementary schools were established in well populated ares
    many older students may be come apprentices
  • Period: to

    American Colonial period

    Dame schools open to girls and boys
  • benjamin franklin

    began 1st public library
    started secondary school/ academy
  • Period: to

    thomas jefferson

    3rd US president
    believd common people should be educated
  • teachers roles

    expected to be role models
    couldnt drink smoke or marry
    required to attend church regularly
    expected to perform charitable acts
  • school curriculum

    most schools focus on
    basic reading writing math religion
    Hornbooks used for education
  • Period: to

    American early national period

    educatioal changes begn in cities and spread rually
  • thomas jefferson

    established university of virginia