Early childhood

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  • John Amos Comenius

    Comenius strongly belived that education should start at a very early age. He was known as the father of modern education. He was also the first to write a childrens picture book.
  • Johann Pestalozzi

    He belived children should lear at there own pace a and that i could cause more damage if you force them. He liked chhildren learning by trial and error. He was also very found of children learning by the sensory method.
  • 1873 The first public kindergarden is opened

    Susan Blow opened the first public kidergarden in St. Louis. Susan worked for free and along with teaching the students she also tought the teachers. By 1883 every public school in St. Louis had a kindergarden.
  • in 1926 the naeyc formed

    The National Association for the Education of Young Children is formed. THe naeyc is there for the well being of children mainly with education in mind. THe naeyc has a lot of values, ideals, and principals for teachers to use as a guidline.
  • Head Start

    Head Start was origanally supposed to be an 8 week trial course. If was first started for low-income households, as a part of Johnsons war on poverty. In 1969 it became permant and is currently in all 50 states.
  • Childrens Defense fund is formed

    This was formed to bring children out of neglect and poverty. THis program was used to look out for childrens welfare and made sure they had access to food and health care and just over all to keep children protected.
  • No child left behind act

    THis was started to close the gap in student achivements. The kids between grages 3rd-8th and again in high school began taking standerdized tests for math and reading. Each state also developes there own standards. Students must take these tests in order for that state to recive federal funding.
  • Operation Military Child Care

    THis was formed to support the children while military parents are deployed. Its basically states that if parent/parents are deployed a family member or gaurdian to have base accress for 30 days before and 60 days after a parent deployes. THis is because childrens needs go up when parents are gone.