DNA HIstory Timeline

Timeline created by Patricia Ready
  • Friedrich Miescher

    published his book on nuclein--lead to nucleic acid lateron
  • Walther Flemming

    first to detail chromosomal meovements in process of mitosis
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan

    discovered that genes are linked in a series on chromosomes and are responsible for our traits
  • Walter Sutton

    chromosomes occur in pairs, which segregate at meiosis
  • WIlson & Stevens

    discovered that women were XX and men were XY
  • Frederick Griffith

    bacteria can pass genetic information through transformation
  • Beadle & Tatum

    shows how genes control the enzyme that controls metabolic processes
  • Fred Sanger

    proved that proteins have/follow sequences--the genes & DNA that make up the proteins must have sequences aswell
  • Oswald Avery

    proved DNA carries genetic information--suggested that DNA may be the gene
  • Erwin Chargaff

    determined Chargaff's rules-states that in DNA, A pairs with T and G pairs with C
  • Rosiland Franklin

    took a picture of photo 51-the DNA's double helix shape
  • Hersey & Chase

    worked with DNA virus called T2 which infects E. Coli
  • Watson & Crick

    discovered DNA was made up of 2 chains, each in a helix--one going up, one going down
  • Maurice Wilkins

    took X-rays of DNA to produce images---found the structure with Watson & Crick
  • Joe Hin Tijo

    produced the first correct count of chromosomes in human cells
  • Messelson & Stahl

    told how 2 helix strands can make up DNA
  • Paul Berg

    developed a way to join two DNAs together in-vitro (recombinant DNA) it created a new species by putting foreign DNA into a cell
  • Marshall Nirenberg

    deciphered a portion of deoxyriboneucleic acid (DNA), which led to the code's unraveling
  • Temin & Baltimore

    discovered enzyme reverse transcriptase
  • Cohen & Boyer

    DNA recombinant engineering on medicine--replicated information from different species
  • Kerry Mullis

    PCR--polymerse chain reaction