Global Disruptions Timeline

Timeline created by ashleegifford
  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter
    This movement flooded social media. Many people from all nations rebelled against the police and fought for equal rights. This disruption was seen the most on Twitter and Instagram.
  • #lovewins

    The Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS] ruled in favor of marriage equality in a 5–4 decision. This disruption took place mostly on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Net Neutrality Debate

    The Net Neutrality Debate
    A lot of social media users were becoming more aware that the legislation from the FCAA were trying to make changes that would really effect the way that people around the world use social media and the internet. Due to this, a lot of influencers throughout the world were bringing attention to this controversy and speaking out in regards to this as well as attempting to have those who follow them petition this movement. This disruption was heavily used on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Presidential Campaigns

    Presidential Campaigns
    During Hillary and Trumps presidential campaign social media outlets, specifically, Twitter and Facebook were used by almost everyone to express ones viewpoints and opinions on each candidate.
  • The Challenge of 2nd Amendment Rights

    The Challenge of 2nd Amendment Rights
    After many school shootings throughout the 2017-2018 school year people started to protest and debate the 2nd Amendment rights. These discussions and/or debates seemed to occur most on Twitter and Facebook