Disruption of media

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    kneeling during athem

    In response for oppression to black community. It takes social media by storm. Soon many nfl players are kneeling during the anthem. It was never really a set date for players to kneel they all just started to. all social media sites were used as well as news and even a nike commercial.
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    Womens march

    A 2017 march after trump became president. It was streamed on youtube, facebook, and twitter.
  • Area 51 raid

    Area 51 raid
    Millions participated in a area 51 raid idea on social media. Only 40 showed up. classic example of how the numbers dont always translate on the curb. But they did force police presence and caused some disruption.
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    Hong kong

    On march 31 thousands take the streets protesting extradition bill. what social media sites could be used were.
  • Black Life matter

    Black Life matter
    Black Life Matter. Starting in 2013 blm disrupted the social media platform in a storm in 2020 throught outlets of facebook twitter and instagram. Videos of the protest and even professional athletes and commercial use have been used.