Developmental Psychology

Timeline created by fcromer
  • Infancy: Language

    My first word was mama.
  • Infancy: Conitive/ emotional

    I would say that I was a baby that expressed effortful control. I was an easy going baby. My mom's goodness of fit was well within what I needed she allowed me to explore the environment around me while still being there when I needed or wanted assistance.
  • Infancy: Emotional

    Infancy: Emotional
    Even as an infant I was securely attached to my mom. She always spent her time making sure that I was taken care of. The was consistently the primary parent in my life and was always there. She never left.
  • Infancy: Fine Motor skills

    When I was just almost two, my mom said she used to let me help turn the pages of books that she would read to me.
  • Early Childhood: Emotional

    In early childhood my mom moved to North Carolina to remarry. She took me with her. Her consistency of always having me with her and never being in and out of my life, opposite of my father, allowed for me to continue with my secure attachment.
  • Early Childhood: Gross Motor Skills

    My mom talks about one of her favorite things she watched me learn to do was to jump and make my feet come off of the ground. This was at three to four years old. She said she use to hold my hands and help me actually make my feet come off of the ground till I could do it without her pulling me up.
  • Early Childhood: Emotional

    As far a substantial loss goes, When I was about to start school, my mom and her husband broke up their marriage. I had a sister by them. Me and mom moved back to Alabama and my mom lost custody of my little sister (because she could no afford to fight him in court). He got full custody and we were told we would never be able to see her again. I have only seen her once sense then. It felt like a loss. I tried coping by thinking about the good memories I have of her.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive

    My earliest memory is of me dressing up in these dresses and putting a "fashion show" on for my mom, stepdad, and little sister Hannah.
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Cognitive

    I remember when I was in like the fourth grade I had a teacher that would give us a lot of vocabulary words to memorize and she told us the way she did it was by writing them ten times each. I did this to study for a couple of my test sand I ended up making a good grade on those tests.
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Emotional

    I would say that my mom was emotion- coaching. She never seemed to get mad about things that I got upset over, as long as they were reasonable. If they were reasonable she would talk me through them and find ways to explain things to make me feel better. I f they were not reasonable she would talk to me about why I should feel differently about the situation.
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Language

    My mom encouraged reading and often helped me with challenging material. My mom is also religious, so there were many nights before bed that she would read bible stories to me.
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Fine Motor skills

    When I was in elementary school, we had to take a cursive writing class. This class is no longer part of today's curriculum but I do think that it helped me develop that fine motor skill and that is something that I still use today.
  • Adolescence: Physical

    I would say that I hit puberty close to thirteen years of age. This is when I had my first period and started to "date" or notice boys. really just one boy and I am with him till this day. We have lived together for three years now.
  • Adolescence: Emotional

    In adolescence I started to have some minor anxiety problems. I did not have any real depression, just trouble dealing with stress from school and in everyday life. I began to have some blood pressure issues occur very early and had to see a doctor about it.
  • Adolescence: Gross Motor Skills

    Freshman year of high school I started playing volleyball. I learned this skill by spending hours of my extra time practicing everyday.
  • Adolescence: cognitive

    In high school I started to take advanced and AP classes. The test were less simple recall and more thought provoking. To help me memorize whole concepts instead of vocabulary recall, I would real the material and then come up with real life examples to help me memorize it more deeply and in a more complex way.
  • Adolescence: Language

    A slang term that I used in high school was the word "extra" I know that it is an actual word, but back then me and my friends overexaggerated it to the extent that we were being "extra". This was used to say that some one or something is doing too much or trying too hard.
  • Early Adulthood

    My family mostly has a history of heart disease and hypertension. I have also already had some issues with high blood pressure in stressful times. The doctor was going to prescribe me with a pill to take daily; however, I have chosen to try to eat healthy and exercise as a way of treatment and prevention until the doctor says otherwise.
  • Early Adulthood: Emotional

    I began to face my anxiety instead of running from it. I started to learn different coping techniques and tried to learn to just let things I cannot control go. whenever I notice something is bothering me more than it would someone else, I try to take a step back and look at it from different perspectives.
  • Early Adulthood: Physical

    I realized I was having some decline in my sense of vision when I turned 20. I went to the eye doctor and received a glasses prescription. Not long after this, just a couple of weeks, I found out I was pregnant. I think this is actually what affected my vision.
  • Early Adulthood: Social

    In the Big 5 personality test, the results showed that I am somewhat introverted and agreeable, it showed that I am conscientious. I would say that that is pretty true of me I am more on the quiet side of things and tend to keep to myself. I also tend to stay organized and keep things as put together as possible.
  • Early Adulthood: Language

    I would say a slang word or phrase I have used more recently is "Tea". This means the gossip or the story. An example being..." what is the tea on Grace's boyfriend?"
  • Early Adulthood: Social

    Early Adulthood: Social
    I would say that my identity status is identity achievement. I am on the tract for my degree and currently expecting a child.
  • Early Adulthood: Fine Motor Skills

    I have recently taken up knitting to make my daughter blankets. I have had to practice a lot to even be able to finish one completely.