Development of the Periodic Table

Timeline created by RyanAubrey
  • The 60 elements

    60 elements known to humans were discovered by 1860
  • A list of the known elements

    A list of all the known elements were published in 1862 by Alexandre Beguyer de Chancourtois
  • The law of octaves

    In 1863 John Newlands arranged the 62 known elemnts in order of increasing atmoic mass.
  • mendeleeve

    Mendeleeve ordered the elemnts to atomic weight. this was the first concept of the periodic table.
  • Mendeleeve's revision of the periodic table

    in 1871 mendeleeve revised his first periodic table. His new table exibhited to triads, verticle, horizontal and diagonal relatioonships in the elements
  • Nobel gases

    rayleigh reported a newly discorvered gas called argon. at the time of its discovery it did not fit into the element groups on that current periodic table
  • Build of the periodic table

    by the 20th century the periodic table was taking shape. Weights masses and discoveries of new elements led to more information about elements
  • Moseley's Periodic Law

    Mosely re-arranged Mendeleeves version of the periodic table by measuring the elements increasing atomic numbers not atomic mass
  • Rutherfords Lnadmark

    In 1911 Rutherfords Landmark experiment led him to the discovery of 'the poton'
  • Glenn Seaborg

    In 1950 glenn seaborg added transuranium elements to the periodic table