Deborah sampsons life

Timeline created by brave@heart
  • Deborah Sampson was born

    She was born to Deborah Bradford and Johnathan Sampson
    in Plympton, Mass.
  • Deborah's many homes

  • Deborah joins the army

    Deborah inlists in the army as Robert Shurtlif. She bound her chest, deepend her voice, put on mens clothes, and already had a good height of 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Deborah's cover is blown and she leaves the army

    Deborah came down with Yellow fever and a doctor found out she was a woman. She was honorably discharged from the army.
  • Deborah marries

    Deborah returned home from the army and married Benjamin Gannet, A farmer. They had 3 kids. Earl,Mary,Patience, and adopted Susanah Shepered.
  • Deborah becomes famous again

    Deborah becomes the first woman lecturer along with the first and best known woman to enter the army. During her speaches, she would talk then go and put on her uniform and preform army drills she had learned,.
  • Deborah dies

    Deborah died at age 66. She died in Sharon, Massachusetts. Her grave marker is also in Sharon.