David Villa

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  • David Villa was born

    David Villa was born
    He was born on 3rd December 1981 in Asturias
  • When did he start playing football?

    When did he start playing football?
    He began his career in second division in 2000.His first team in second division was Sporting of Gijon.
  • Valencia F.C.

    Valencia F.C.
    He arrived in 2005.He became the historic fifth goal scorer in the club.He won " la Copa del Rey".
  • F.C.Barcelona

    He arrived in 2010.He won Supercopa of Europa,League,and Champions.
  • Atletico de Madrid

    Atletico de Madrid
    He arrived in 2013.He won the league
  • New York City and Melbourne City.

    New York City and Melbourne City.
    He arrived in 2014.Then,his assignment was confirmed at Melbourne City where he won nothing.
  • Vissel Kobe

    Vissel Kobe
    He arrived in 2018, where he won nothing
  • Football withdrawal

    Football withdrawal
    He announces his withdrawal in 2019 with 38 years old
  • Period: to

    His first trophy in Zaragoza.

    This year he won the copa del rey , Super copa de España and joined the National selection.