David Bloor (June 28,1942- Present)

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  • Knowledge and Social Imagery

    David Bloor is the author of Knowledge and Social Imagery. He wrote this book in 1976, but came out with a second edition of this book in 1991. It is said that the first edition of his novel created a divide between students who studied history of science, sociology, and philosophy. 
  • Wittgenstein: A Social Theory of Knowledge

    David Bloor wrote Wittgenstein: A Social Theory of Knowledge in 1983. This book explores the works of Wittgenstein and his philosophical ideologies. Wittgenstein is a British philosopher who studied logic and mathematical philosophy. Bloor's book explains how Wittgenstein supports his philosophical claims through evidence seen in social sciences, history, and anthropology. 
  • Scientific Knowledge: A Sociological Analysis

    David Bloor co-wrote Scientific Knowledge: A Sociological Analysis alongside Barry Barnes and John Henry. This book is considered to be the first introduction to social studies of scientific knowledge. Each author has their own section of the book that explores an important step in conducting sociological science. 
  • Wittgenstein: Rules and Institutions

    David Bloor wrote Wittgenstein: Rules and Institutions in 1997. This book explores the later works of Wittgenstein. It explores the concept of the rare mixture of sociological and philosophical viewpoints. His book touches on how rules and rule following is an institution. As you can see, David Bloor heavily analyzed Wittgenstein's work thoroughly.
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