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  • 200

    Dance was first photographed

    Dance was first photographed
    Back in 200 BC the first photo of dance was drawn.
  • Jan 4, 1400

    When Ballet started

     When Ballet started
    Ballet started in the 1400s during the Reniaissance period.
  • Ballet Company in Paris

     Ballet Company in Paris
    In 1681 a Ballet company in Paris introduced female dancers and the worlds most famous ballerina,Mlle de Lafontaine.
  • 1900s Tap started in America

    1900s Tap started in America
    Around the 1900s tap,started in America.
    Tap originated in America when slaves where not allowed to use instruments and they used hands and feet as an alternative around the period of time when irish clog dancing was gradually becoming popular. So Tap had a lot of influence from this.
  • 1929 Swing Dance

    1929 Swing Dance
    In 1929 Swing Dance started, during the Great Depression. Charles Lindburg invented the Swing Dance that became somewhat popular now in America.
  • Hip-Hop Dancing Begins

    Hip-Hop Dancing Begins
    In the 1970s Hip-Hop a style of Dance begins.
  • What I think Dance will Be

    What I think Dance will Be
    In 2050 I think that the music that people Dance to will be more computerized, and that when people Dance they will be able to press a up or down button. When you press the up button, that would lift you up to a higher stage or platform.And if they pressed the down button you would shoot down into the stage, but you would have to be standing in a certain area like a cut out square to shoot down.Then you would have the choice of going up where you shot down or come back up in a different area
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    History of Dance