custom painted clothing

Timeline created by sanika_prakash
  • submission of timeline and criteria table

  • Period: to


    I will research and answer the following questions:
    what will I be painting?
    who is my target audience?
    what is the specific time frame I have to complete each painting?
    what is the cost of materials?
    how much will I be charging for each product?
    where will I paint the products
  • Period: to

    send out surveys to possible customers

    I will send out a Google Form where people can make their specific orders for the products, as well as confirm they can pay.
  • Period: to

    buy materials

    I will buy the materials needed for my project, whether it be online or in stores.
  • Period: to

    paint the products

    during this time period, I will paint at least 8 art pieces on clothing to the customers' specific requests, and I will let the timeline be loose as the complexity of the designs will fluctuate depending on the customer.
  • Period: to

    the customers receive their products

    I will give the customers their clothing that they commissioned, and they will pay me either in cash or via PayPal.
  • Period: to


    I will create the website displaying all of the works I made, as well as showing proof that I donated the money to supporting migrant workers through the Covid-19 crisis, and reviews from the customers.
  • Period: to


    I will donate 70% or $120 of the proceeds from the project to supporting migrant workers during the Covid-19 crisis.