Critical Era Haley Brashears

Timeline created by Haley B
  • Declaration of Independence

    America declared freedom
  • Articles of Confederation

    Base of national goverment
  • Newburgh Conspiracy

    An anonymous (most likely written by Major John Armstrong) letter went around the army camp at Newburgh, New York suggesting that the soldiers would take action of they were not payed.
  • End of Revolutionary war

    America has freedom from British rule
  • Treaty of Paris

    Agreement of peace between, France, Great Britian, Spain, Dutch Republic and America
  • Spain Closes Missippis River

    Spain closes the Missippi River off to America Bernardo de Gálvez declared hat Spain would be the only country allowed to navigate the Mississippi River.
  • Trade with China begins

    Opened Americans interest in Chinas goods
  • Land Ordinance

    Congress passes Land Ordinance 1785, divided the northwest territories into townships of 6 square miles. Each 650 acre lot was more than $650. Money was used to pay British debts.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    Rebellions against taxes and debt
  • U.S Mint

    Congress creates the United States Mint
  • Consitutional convention

    Wrote Constitution of the United States
  • End of Shay's Rebellion

    Made scholars believe strong central goverment was needed, articles of confederation replaced with constitution
  • Three branch goverment

    Delegates at the Constitutional Convention voted to create a new national government of three branches and form new type of goverment
  • Federalist paper #51

    helps create checks and balances
  • Federalist No. 51

    Writen by "Publlius" (James Madison) informed people about the goverment and its branches so they could protect there rights
  • Bill of Rights

    Congress wrote 12 constitutional amendments to the states for ratification. The first ten were added in 1791 as the Bill of Rights.
  • Rhode Island Ratification

    Last state to ratify
  • Period: to

    Ecomonic depression

  • Period: to

    George Washingtons Presidency

    Americas first president