Covid-19 2020 in Utah

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In History
  • Novel Coronavirus emerges in China

    -a new strain of SARS influenza is reported by officials in China
    -travel to and from China quickly disperses the virus globally
    -first death from new virus reported by Chinese officials on 1/11/20, but other cases may have existed before official report
    -novel strain dubbed "Covid-19" by scientific community in February
  • Utah responds to COVID-19

    -Governor Herbert declares state of emergency
    -Utah schools close in response to COVID-19 spread
    -Utah hospitals begin preparations to diagnose and treat patients
  • COVID-19 spreads

    -first death attributed to COVID-19 in Iran
    -Italy reports numerous infections
    -first death in United States February 29, 2020
  • COVID-19 2020 in Utah

    -first diagnosis of COVID-19 in Utah
    -Contagion is a Coronavirus, similar to the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 in that it is a novel virus with little to no immunity in global populations
    -COVID-19 is thought to have originate in Wuhan, China, whereas the Spanish flu is thought to have originated in New York City, NY, USA
  • Earthquake

    Salt Lake City experiences an earthquake, rattling citizens in the midst of COVID-19 unease
  • First person in Utah dies from COVID-19

    -spread of COVID-19 accelerates in New York City, NY
    -Utah cases remain low
    -Utahans prepare for possible lengthy quarantine and Utah schools officially close for remainder of school year
  • Utah officials prepare for the worst

    -Herbert issues "Stay Safe, Stay Home" directive for Utah
    -Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall signed a proclamation backing the directive with the "force of law" in Salt Lake City
    -In Washington D.C. lawmakers pass a $2.2 trillion relief package signed by Trump
  • Period: to

    Utah responds to COVID-19

    -Governor Hebert declares state of emergency
    -Schools enter state of soft closure
    -restaurants and non-essential businesses close
    -hospitals begin preparing for virus
    -Utahans begin social distancing and stay-at-home measures to prevent spread
    -LDS missionaries called home to quarantine
  • Period: to

    COVID-19 continues

    -As of June 2, 2020, many Utahans continue to wear masks in public and practice 6' "social distancing" to contain spread
    -Many Utah businesses begin reopening with precautions
    -To date: 9,797 cases, 6,137 recoveries, 113 deaths in Utah from COVID-19
    -Utah and the world prepare for possible resurgence of COVID-19 in the Fall, similar to Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918