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In History
  • British settlers settle in Antigua

    Colonial Experienced
  • Barbuda was colonized

    Colonial experience
  • Antigua's main crop becomes sugarcane

    colonial experience
  • Antigua and Barbuda joined governments

    Colonial experience
  • Germany established Power of Togoland

    Colonial Experience
    Picture is of Togoland with a German Flag
  • German treaties with the United Kingdom established the boundary

    Background of the borders
  • Protests in 1930s over unfair labour

    Political conflicts
  • Togoland officialy split between Britain and France

    Background of boundary
  • Republic of Togo Date of Independence

  • President Olympio was assassinated

    Political conflict
  • Togo officially became a republic

    Current form of government
  • Antigua and Barbuda date of independence

  • Monarchy established

    Current government
    Picture is of the Parliament building
  • Togo was being disputed over during WWI

    Territorial conflict
  • Period: to

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