Cotton Gin

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  • Birth

    Eli Whitney is born in Westoboro, Massachusetts.
  • Graduates from Yale University

    Graduates from Yale University
    Eli Whitney graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Yale.
  • Eli Whitney invents Cotton Gin.

    Eli Whitney invents Cotton Gin.
    Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin on March 14, 1794 to make the process of removing seeds from cotton easier.
  • Patent

    The Cotton Gin is patented.
  • Death

    Whitney dies of prostate cancer.
  • Lummus Cotton Gin

    Lummus Cotton Gin
    A higher quality Cotton Gin is advertised by Lummus and starts the widespread sale of the Gins.
  • Modern Day

    Modern Day
    Cotton Gins are still used in factories now, but are way more efficient than those from the 1800's.