Coolidge KF

Timeline created by Krista F
  • father born

    father born
    John Calvin Coolidge was his father's name. was born Mar. 31, 1845
  • biological mother

    biological mother
    his biological mother's name was Victoria Josephine moor Coolidge and she was born on Mar 14, 1846
  • step mothers birth

    step mothers birth
    Caroline athelina brown Coolidge Born jan 22 1857
  • vice president

    vice president
    his vice president was Charles gates Dawes he was born on
    August 27, 1865
  • born

    he was born July 4, 1872 in
    Plymouth Vt.
  • Abigail Grace Coolidge birth

    Abigail Grace Coolidge birth
    Abigail was calvin's little sister
  • biological mother death

    she died on March 14, 1885
  • Abigail Grace Coolidge death

    she died because blockage in her bowels and she was 15
  • father remarry

    father remarry
    Coolidge mother died when she was 39 so his father remarried to Caroline atheling brown Coolidge on September 9, 1891
  • education

    He went to college at Amherst in Amherst mass
    To be a lawyer He graduated with honors in 1895
  • mairred

    Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge
  • kids

    he had two kids. calvin Coolidge 7 September 1906 – 31 May 2000, john Coolidge, Jr. 13 April 1908 – 7 July 1924
  • ran for governor

    ran for governor
    In 1918, Coolidge ran for governor of Massachusetts, campaigning on a platform of fiscal conservatism, support for female enfranchisement
  • job before president

    job before president
    before he was president he was governor in Massachusetts and a lawyer
  • step mothers death

    she died on May 18, 1920
  • vice president elected

    vice president elected
    August 2, 1923, while on a speaking tour of the Western states, President Harding died suddenly of a cerebral hemorrhage.
  • when he was the presdient

    when he was the presdient
    he was in office Aug 3 1923-mar 3 1929
  • Coolidge's first State of the Union

    Coolidge's first State of the Union
    his first State of the Union address, Coolidge expresses his support for prohibition and U.S. involvement in the World Court. He also states his opposition to government interference with business and calls for lowering taxes, thereby extending Harding's policies.
  • programs that he made

    Immigration Act of 1924 he made it bc he wanted to keep America for the Americans.
  • programs that he made

    Soldiers' Bonus Bill passes on March 18, 1924. He made this bc soldier who is coming back home have a lot of money so Calvin made this program when soldiers come back they get $500 now its equivalent to $7,500
  • Rogers Act

    Rogers Act
    The Foreign Service Act of May 24, 1924, also known as the Rogers Act is the legislation that merged the United States diplomatic and consular services into the United States Foreign Service.
  • Calvin Jr.

    Calvin Jr.
    Calvin Jr. died at age 16 from blood poisoning. On June 30, 1924, Calvin Jr. had played tennis with his brother on the White House tennis courts without putting on socks and developed a blister on one of his toes.
  • father death

    father death
    his father died on March 18, 1926
  • what hes know for

    is considered a good president who cleaned up the scandals and mess left behind by Warren G. Harding’s administration.
  • mt rushmore

    mt rushmore
    he wanted to build mt Rushmore because he wanted to honor the 4 presidents
  • indian citizenship Act

    indian citizenship Act
    He signed the Indian Citizenship Act, which gave full U.S. citizen rights to all Native Americans.
  • the party he was in

    the party he was in
    Coolidge was a republican
  • die

    die on Jan 5 1933
    Died at Northampton mass
  • vice president death

    vice president death
    Charles G. Dawes died on April 23, 1951, I could no find out how
  • about one of his sons

    his son john Coolidge. died on May 31, 2000, I think because of old age