constitutional influences timeline

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  • Jan 1, 1215

    Magna carta

    -limits power of king
    -protected rights of nobles
    "Big Idea"
    rule of law
  • 1620

    -pilgrims decided they needed a gov.
    -agreed to follow rules they made
    "Big Idea"
    rule of law
  • english bill of rights

    -expanded rights of people
    -further limited king
    -fair trials, free elections
    "BIg Ideas"
  • john locke

    "natural rights"
    we are born with
    -life -liberty -property
    "big ideas"
    lim. gov.
  • catos letters

    -spoke out against king
    -discussed freedom of expression (speech)
    "big ideas"
  • montesquieu

    -divide gov. to keep one person/group from taking control
    "big idea"
  • rousseau

    we agree to give up some freedom if gov,t protects rights
    big idea
    self- gov
  • common sense

    expained arguments for inep. in easy to understand way.
    "big idea"
    lim. gov.
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    Sep 24, 1200

    constitutional influences timeline

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    constitutional influences timeliine