computer timeline

Timeline created by Brett Howard
  • RAM

    The first dynamis RAM was invented. RAM is a key component in any computer. It makes the computer run faster and revolutionizes how innovators saw computers.
  • Period: to

    advances in computers over time

  • E-mail

    E-mail was invented by Ray Tomlinson. E-mail is used every day all the time still and shows no sign of leaving any time soon. Even if e-mail eventually becomes out of date, it inspired texting, IM, and much more.
  • First video game

    First video game
    Atari releases Pong. This first video game inspired game creators to improve the gaming experience and go above and beyond expectations. And all because of this one simple game.
  • Fist portable computer

    Fist portable computer
    Altair creates the first-ever portable computer. This is important because this first portable computer lead to laptops, handhelds, and much more.
  • Macintosh

    Apple releases the macintosh. This is imoprtant because Mac is such a huge computer brand today.,
  • Nintendo is released

    Nintendo is released
    Nintendo is still ,and for a long time will be, a top gaming company. They learned how to incorperate the internet into the gaming experience by connecting you to other gamers through the internet.
  • World-wide web launched to public

    World-wide web launched to public
    Without the world-wide web, Sharing things across countries would be nearly impossibe.I wouldn't be able to make this timeline without the world-wide web.
  • Java, Amazon, and ebay are introduced

    Java, Amazon, and ebay are introduced
    Java is a very useful tool for running programs such as keyboarding applications, games, or much more. Amazon and Ebay are important sites because they provide ways to simplify your buying and selling needs or wants.
  • Google is founded

    Google is founded
    Google now pretty much controls the world. They do everything. Search engine, internet server, social media site, you name it.
  • 1 billion PCs sold

    1 billion PCs sold
    I think this is important because PC is probably the number one computer brand in the world. This is why. They sold 1 billion computers in 2002 and probably sold another 1 billion since then. As long as PC still exists, people will keep buying them.