Computer History Timeline

Timeline created by Azael675
  • Manchester Mark I Williams-Kilburn tube

    Manchester Mark I Williams-Kilburn tube
    Freddie Williams and Tom Kilburn created the first high speed, electronic memory. It stored bits as dots on the screen's surface, and the information was constantly refreshed.
  • Whirlwind core memory

    Whirlwind core memory
    Jay Forrester made the first magnetic memory core, and introduced the Intel 1103 DRAM.
  • Victor 3900 desktop calculator

    Victor 3900 desktop calculator
    Robert H. Norman made the first calculator to use MOS to use logic and memory, and it could preform many functions. However, it was a limited product and was expensive.
  • LaserDisc

    David Paul Gregg invented the laser disc and it used better audio and video quality, but only a few people could afford the discs.
  • Flash Memory

    Flash Memory
    Fujio Masuoka invented the flash memory for Toshiba, but they did not reward his work. Instead he quit Toshiba and became a professor at Tohoku University.
  • Optical Discs

    Optical Discs
    David Paul Gregg made the optical disc and it had better uses and could be rewritten a million times. It was better than the laser disc because it would heat up and get damaged
  • Digital Video Disc

    Digital Video Disc
    Companies used the disc mainly in the film industry, and it had better audio and video quality.
  • USB Flash Drive

    USB Flash Drive
    Dov Moran created the USB Flash Drive and it could be used for data storage and transferring memory to other devices.