computer history timeline

Timeline created by yuritsa_sm
  • Motorola

    The first cell phone to hit the market. The Motorola was created by Martin cooper weighing in at 4.4 pounds; this cell phone was large and bulky, and had a battery that could only hold up for 30 min.
  • Nokia

    The Nokia 1011 was an evolution to the new generation of phones. This phone was smaller than the Motorola, but still had similar features. The battery life lasted 3 times the Motorola's.
  • Motorola Star/TAC

                     Motorola Star/TAC
    The Star/TAC was the first ever flip-phone. Although there was a clam shell design launched in 1989, this phone was the successor . This phone had a much different design than the modern flip phones, but it still has the same concept