Computer History Timeline

Timeline created by clintberhow33
  • First hand-held walkie-talkie.

    First hand-held walkie-talkie.
    The first handheld two-way radio called the "Handy Talkie" was created by Motorola for the U.S. Army Signal Control. This was extremely important for the upcoming technology age because you could communicate with someone on the go for the first time.
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  • Z3

    German Konrad Zuse finishes the Z3, a fully program-operational calculating machine. The computer is publically introduced in Berlin May 12, 1941.
    The reason I selected this is because this was the first publicly introduced full programable computer. ANYONE could get one.
  • Lyons Electronic Office

    Lyons Electronic Office
    The first business computer, the Lyons Electronic Office (LEO) is completed by T. Raymond Thompson, John Simmons and their team at Lyons Co.
    This was huge because this told people they could use the "computer" to help with daily office work. Something that can assist you in the workplace.
  • Birth of Steve Jobs

    Birth of Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs was born. This could be THE single most important thing on this timeline. Steve Jobs has built a computer empire through new and bright technology. We wouldn't be where we are today without Steve Jobs.
  • Bell Labs

    Bell Labs
    Bell Labs introduces its first transistor computer. Transistors are faster, smaller and create less heat than traditional vacuum tubs, making these computers more reliable and efficient. Like it says above these new "Transistor computers" are faster, smaller, and more reliable. People are starting to catch wind that the computer industry might have a future.
  • 1st Video Game

    1st Video Game
    Ralph Baer creates "Chase", the first video game that was capable of being played on a television. This I thought was important because of how big video gaming is in our world today. This was what sttarted it all.
  • IBM New Memory

    IBM New Memory
    IBM introduces the System/370, which included the use of Virtual Memory and utilized memory chips instead of magnetic core technology. IBM came out with a new type of memory which was stronger, less-expensive, and held more memory which changed the whole memory game (which is a key part of a computer).
  • The Compact Disc

    The Compact Disc
    The compact disc is invented in the United States. The compact disc is the grandfather of the CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and any other disc type of equipment you can think of. All of these inventions link back to the first compact-disc which makes this date so important.
  • Special Effects

    Special Effects
    Disney releases the movie Tron on July 9, 1982, the first movie to use computer generated special effects. Special effects is huge in the movie industry.
  • Google

    They later register the domain on September 15, 1997. Google is the largest search engine in the world. It can help you find anything you need from A-Z. If it is on the internet, then Google canf find it for you.