computer history

Timeline created by Mikel Armando
  • Creation of apple

    The they that steve jobs created appl
  • apple 2

    the second computer creaded by steve jobs
  • Mac 3

    steve jobs create the mac 3
  • the company earn 22

    The company goes public for 22 per share
  • The Macintosh

    Steve job created macintosh
  • Steve leaft

    Steve jobs leav the company
  • The Macintosh portable

    INvented the macintosh portable
  • Macintosh update

    3 macintosh models
  • apple online

    They launch apple online store
  • Ceo

    S. Jobs regains position in Ceo
  • the imac

    They launch the Imac
  • Ipod

    Thy created the ipod
  • Itune

    creation of the Itune store
  • Apple inc

    They launch as apple inc
  • Iphone

    they created they first iphone
  • Apple tv

    they launched the apple tv
  • iphone 5

    First retail stores
  • Iphone 7

    A10 Fusion, 40 percent faster than the previous A9. Its home button is now touch sensitive, and has stereo speakers. The iPhone 7 also eliminates the 3.5mm headphone jack, is waterproof, and improves its 12 MP camera remarkably.
  • iphone x

    Pantalla Super Retina HD.
    Pantalla OLED Multi-Touch de 5,8 pulgadas (en diagonal)
    Pantalla HDR.
    Resolución de 2.436 por 1.125 píxeles a 458 p/p.
    Contraste de 1.000.000:1 (típico)
    Pantalla True Tone.
    Pantalla con gama cromática amplia (P3)
    3D Touch.
  • iphone 11

    Serie/gama 13
    Pantalla 6,1" Liquid Retina HD
    Sistema operativo iOS
    Memoria 64GB, 128GB y 256GB