Computer History

Timeline created by don322
  • Typewriter

    The typewriter is used by pushing the buttons, the different buttons would give you the different letters in the alphabet. This helped us write stuff out a lot quicker and neater.
  • Telephone

    This helps us communicate to other people quicker if they are in a far distance. This can be used for emergency notices from one place to the other.
  • Light Bulb

    Light Bulb
    It helps us see in the dark when necessary. It is small so you can carry it around and light up the area you want to see.
  • Automobile

    To let us move from a place to another place more convenient and quicker. We don’t have to walk, that means we can travel longer distances without being tired.
  • Abacus

    This was actaully invented around 2000 BC by the Chinese, but we cannot any further than 1000AD. This was used to help us to calculate sums quicker and easier.
  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning
    This is used to keep us cool us or any other items when it is hot. It makes us more comfortable when we are too hot.
  • Television

    The purpose of this was to entertain people and it could also be used to inform people about different things that are happening.
  • Atari 260

    Atari 260
    This is created to entertain us when we are bored or when we have free time.
  • Smartphone

    The smart phone is more advance as you can touch the screen instead of pressing buttons. It is smaller and more convenient than the telephone.