Computer history

Timeline created by Chsundt
  • holes in cards

    holes in cards
    The history of where the hole puncher came from is unknown. One reason for this is that durring the time they were being released their was a large amount of patents for them.
  • The analytical machine

    The analytical machine
    The analytical machine was the first fully automatic calculator. The machine could calculate and print mathematical tables.
  • Von Numan architecture

    Von Numan architecture
    The architecture of the machine to store information and data. It was started in 1903 and releasedin 1957.
  • Eniac

    John Mauchly and John Presper Ecker developed the Eniac 1 in 1946. During the time the military had needed a machine that did what the eniac could do.
  • higher level programing language

    higher level programing language
    High level programming uses a computer language. The artificial language is used to program computers to do what they are suposed to.

    The first Univac computers were released on march 31 1951. Originally the research to build the computers was bad so it took longer to release than they originally expected.
  • Unix operating system

    Unix was origionally developed by at and t. Unix was a multytasking multi user experience.
  • Windows

    Durring the year of 1982 windows announced its first computer operating system. The operating system was called windows .
  • Pc

    In 1975 the micro computer kit was introduced by a company called altair. Another company in 1975 also developed a micro pc that was better. The company was called IMSAI
  • Altair

    This year the altair 8800 which was a micro computer was released. Interests for the computer grew after its release.
  • CRAY-1

    The CRAY-1 was the most succesfull super computer of its time. It was also built better constructed than any computer of its time.
  • first electronic spreaadsheet

    The first electronic spreadsheet called visicalc was released in 1979. Two investors of the software were Dan Brick and Bob Francisco.
  • macintosh

    This year apple had a big announcement. They had announced their first buissness computer.