compare me and Jonas

Timeline created by bugvac
  • birth

    me: I was taken home and named.
    Jonas: He was taken care of in a nuturing center.
  • age 1

    me: starting to walk
    Jonas: named and given to family
  • age 2

    me: started talking
    Jonas: introduced disiplin wand
  • age 3

    me: went to preschool
    Jonas: learned proper speach
  • age 4

    me: busted my head on a table
    Jonas: got jacket with buttons in back
  • age 5

    me: got my game boy
    Jonas: gets a new jacket still with buttons in the back
  • age 6

    me: started first grade
    Jonas: get yet another back buttoned jacket
  • age 7

    me: moved for the 3rd time
    Jonas: got your front buttoned jacket
  • age 8

    me: My great grandpa Bob died
    Jonas: get to do volenteer hours
  • age 9

    me: went on my first cruise
    Jonas: get bycyles
  • age 10

    me: first physics book
    Jonas: new haircut
  • age 11

    me: took java coding class
    Jonas: longer pants
  • age 12

    me: my friend Bryan moved to Califorina
    Jonas: given your job and trained
  • house of the old/retirement

    me: Retirement!!
    Jonas:Goes to house of of old
  • Release

    Me: Death
    Jonas: Release